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Our aim is to help you shape public opinion to reflect the image you want to communicate. 





Since the early 1980's, hundreds of people have participated in Zigman Joseph's Spokesperson & Media Relations Training programs to build the skills and confidence needed to handle a wide variety of communications challenges.


ZJPR integrates its solid understanding of the media and public opinion to help speakers design tone and language to create a foundation for quality public image. ZJPR is proactive in teaching speakers how to use these skills to address co-workers, customers, reporters and the general public; from sales presentations to national press conferences, testimony to political debates.


ZJPR customizes its Spokesperson & Media Relations Training programs to fit the needs of a wide range of clientele. Participants have included Fortune 500 executives, managers of non-profit institutions, company and product spokespersons, elected officials and political candidates, clergy, investment bankers, regulators, educators, civil service employees and celebrities.

​Zigman Joseph PR and Governmental Affairs Milwaukee Wisconsin

With over 100 years of experience in public relations and government affairs between our small yet diverse team, Zigman Joseph PR brings together a group of individuals with a range of backgrounds and a variety of perspectives, life experiences and people skills to fulfill our client’s goals.


The staff at ZJPR are unique professionals in a variety of fields beyond simple public relations and governmental affairs. We have a number of seasoned professionals that also specialize in marketing, market research, website and blog creation and development, graphic design, branding and lobbying.


We have embraced 21st century techniques and solutions for age-old issues that face our clients today. Zigman Joseph PR anticipated the decline of print journalism and the rise of the Internet with its pioneering Internet products. It was one of the first Public Relations firms to exploit the latest trends in blogging. We have proprietary data collection and analysis abilities that have tantalized and astounded our clients.


Our monitoring of news cycles is never-ending, and our response to crisis communications situations has been of inestimable value to our clients.


Members of the firm have an encyclopedic institutional memory for the political and economic trends in our home community of Milwaukee and in the State of Wisconsin.  

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